Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Yes, that is what you think it is. The stack of books I used to complete my 25 page paper. One down, one more to go!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Ahh, and so begins another week. The theme of this week is 25 page paper. Hasn't that been the theme for the last 3 weeks some of you might be saying. Yes. And I am only on page six. And it is due Wednesday. I feel like I have been having a root canal for the past three weeks. I am sure that some of you do too because you have been listening to me complain about said 25 page paper. The good news is that by Wednesday I have to be done no matter what. They bad news is on Thursday I have to start my other 25 page paper. Wo is me!

In other news, I believe that Mulan has started a laundry business in our apartment. Please do not think that I am falling prey to a common stereotype. She has been using the washer non-stop for about three weeks now, washing a massive amount of things -there is no way that they could all be hers. The other day she was washing 7 parkas. Her hamper is in its usual spot on top of the washer, but is full of sneakers and swimming googles. I have no idea if she plans to wash the googles. This should be interesting.

One of my roommates is moving out at the end of the month. It seems that Mulan's antics were too much for her, and she is getting out as soon as her lease expires. In the meantime, however, her boyfriend has moved in. Last night I walked downstairs in my p.j.'s to see if I could squeeze a load of laundry inbetween Mulan's, and he was sitting on the couch watching tv. My roommate was not in site. It was a litle uncomfortable to say the least. When I came down later to change my laundry, he was cooking with my pan. Yeah for the end of the month!

Well, that is all the time I can spare my little bloggers. I have to go back hell, I mean 25 page paper.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Fly Your Freak Flag

My sister-in-law recently announced to the world that she has an unhealthy attachment to cleaning supplies. Her bravery has inspired me to admit that I too have an unhealthy attachment to cleaning supplies commercials. Specifically the commercials where mops and brooms send candy, flowers, and mariachi bands to try and win back their position in the household. I think they are hilarious. For some reason giving inanimate objects human characteristics is my kind of humor. I love to see them anxiously peering around the corner to see if their gift will be accepted. I especially love the broom coming out of the potatoes. And the use of seventies love songs is sheer genius. In fact, I get a little disappointed each time the doorbell rings and there is no flower delivery from Mr. Mop. :(